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Surfboard - Hanger


This strong brick hanger has been designed to easily hold all surfboard shapes and sizes. Engineered with the double locking mechanism to secure your surfboard, easily and safely, to any raked brick wall.

Ideal for garages and helps you to get your surfboard off the ground and out of harm’s way. It is easy to install, requires no drilling, screws or tools. Easy to remove and damage-free.  

The pack also comes with an All-Purpose Brick Hanger that came be used for a wetsuit or rashie (requires a coathanger). Please note the surfboard holder is not suitable for a stand-up paddleboard or a kayak.


Surfboard + Wetsuit

Designed to securely attach to a standard 76mm raked brick

If the bricks are flush you will need to chisel a small indent in the groove

(this is still a preferable solution to drilling into the brick)

Manufactured in zinc coated steel the product is strong, versatile, and durable.

Each product can hold up to 10kgs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Very handy… but I’m not using them for surfboards

I’ve got a house with raked brick walls, and seeing these, I wondered if they’d work for hanging my ladder.

Well, the set I bought worked so well for hanging my ladder that I bought another set to hang the spare centre boards for my table and now another 2 sets to hang some more stuff in my garage.

I haven’t tried these for a surfboard, but they can definitely handle the required weight in a house with raked brick walls; the ladder’s heavier than a surfboard and has been up for more than 6 months with no problems.

Just check your bricks have a raked finish, as it’s pretty deep.

Jane Kennedy
Didn’t work

The idea is genius! We have exposed brick walls in our property, I thought this would be great for my sons room but they don’t grip the bricks. We adjusted as per instructions but as soon as we put the surf board on, they ping off the wall. Sadly this has been a waste of money as they are now marked and can’t be returned