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Brick Grips has two product designs that both have a positive locking mechanism which allows them to attach securely to standard Australian bricks. A positive locking mechanism means that it secures by gripping the brick and without the need for any hanging object. Some other products rely on a passive, cantilever design that uses the weight of the hung item to activate the lock. The positive locking mechanism is more secure and the ideal alternative to drilling and screwing into the brick.

Our customers are anyone who wants to hang items on their raked bricks without tools, screws, expertise, mess and damage. Experience has shown that this makes Brick Grips hangers popular with home proud creatives, decor enthusiasts, home organisers and people with no tools or expertise due to ease of installation. They are also popular with renters / tenants due to the no damage. Remember if you have brick then you need Brick Grip.

Both hanger designs are made to fit an standard Australian brick of approximately 76 mms or 3 inches. Due to the manufacturing process brick sizes can vary by several millimetres so even if you have a standard brick wall the bricks can vary in size across the wall. This simply means you may need to look at a few bricks to find the right size. Brick Grip designs also allow for an adjustment of approximately 2mm larger or smaller, by adjusting the top flange / edge with a pair of pliers. With the adjustments Brick Grip should fit any brick from approx. 74 to 78 mm.

Brick Grip Hangers require a raked (recessed) mortar joint for best use. However, some customers with non-raked joints still use our hangers, simply by removing a small amount of mortar where they want to hang their item. Though not ideal it’s still preferable as it causes much less damage and is a much easier solution than drilling into the brick. Just ensure you carefully select where you attach the Brick Grip as there is less flexibility in moving it around. If you have a tumbled brick or one that has an irregular edge surface, you will need to find corresponding sharp edges top and bottom of the brick to take advantage of our hangers.

The design has been engineered with an innovative double locking mechanism under patent # 753259. There is an upper edge and bottom clip that secures onto the the brick. With additional weight the Brick Grip will also engage onto the brick underneath that creates the double locking mechanism.

Individual hooks and hangers have different functions and different weight capacities. Please always refer to the product instructions. The products can hold: 

Brick Hook and Surfboard Hangers: Up to 10kgs 

All Purpose Brick Hanger: Up to 3kgs  

All our hooks and hangers are made from Zinc Coated Steel. This material claims to be rust proof, but experience has shown that you can get some surface oxidization, especially near the ocean. Some of the product range have also been powder coated (where colour options are available).

Presently Brick Grip products are only available online, but we will soon be actively looking for Retail Sales Outlets. When this occurs, we will post the Retails names and particulars on this site. If you are a retail store that would like to stock the product range, please contact us via phone or email.

Brick Grip can still work for you. Be careful with installation as the product can chip the painted brick. If the bricks have been painted too many times it could have increased the size of the brick and may be out of the working 74mm – 78mm margins.

We will offer you a refund within 30 days of purchase. You are responsible for the return shipping costs and the original shipping costs cannot be refunded. See the Refund section for more details. 

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Yes, but please email for shipping costs and to discuss product sizes. International bricks sizes can vary.

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