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Patent # 752963
A self-locking bracket
Welcome to "BRICK GRIP" Patent # 753259
A push-lock bracket

GRIP", using its Patented Locking Mechanisms, has developed a unique range of Wall Hangers from which to hang just about any household items.

No screws required
No drilling required
No screws required
No drilling required
This unique design doesn't just hang on the bricks as most other products do, it actually grips the brick.
"The perfect solution for wall storage. There are so many possibilities with this flexible product. You can use the different brackets on their own or in combinations to hang a large variety of household items. What will you hang on your Brick Grip hangers??"
"So easy to attach. Ideal for those in rental properties and those that do not have access to or are unwilling to use power tools. You don't even need a screwdriver to fix your brackets firmly to the wall. Excellent for hanging signs."
"Thank you Brick Grip. I've waited 6 months to hang my favourite picture on our feature brick wall. With your Brick Grips it was easy for me to do it myself....Brilliant."
You can be sure of excellent quality materials and manufacturing standards from this all Australian product.
Brick Grip made in Australia
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