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Standard Brick Hook (BH1)
At last a tool-less Brick Hook that easily and securely attaches to a brick wall. Brick Grip's most popular pushlock hanger is perfect for both inside and outside uses. Zinc coated steel ensures durability.
Price $3.50 each - select quantity
General Purpose (HPH1)
The General Purpose Hanger is Brick Grip's nail, with the added feature of a hook on the end for hanging items. Zinc coated steel ensures durability.
Price$3.50 each - select quantity
Poster Hanger (SH1)
This clever Poster Hanger can be used in pairs to hang signs or on it's own to attach messages. This device has proved to be popular amongst estate agents and others that need to display signs on a temporary basis but do not want to damage walls. Zinc coated steel material ensures durability.
Price$3.50 each - select quantity
Multi Purpose Hanger (MPH1)
Our Multi Purpose Hanger has so many uses. Excellent for garden tools and hose pipe. Zinc coated steel material ensures durability.
Price$3.50 each - select quantity
Plant Hanger (PLH1)
Brick Grip Plant Hanger
The patented design of our Plant Hanger features a unique locking mechanism to ensure a secure grip onto your brick wall. Made of anodized steel it will give lasting service. Rated to hang up to 5 kgs. Great value at only $12 each!
Price $12 each - select quantity
Surf Board Hanger (SBHR-red) - (SBHB-blue) - (SBHG-green)
Surf Board Hanger
Our Surf Board Hanger is one of our most popular products and is the perfect wall storage solution for your boards. The sets come in 3 diferent colours.
Price $30 per pack RED- select quantity
Price $30 per pack BLUE- select quantity
Price $30 per pack GREEN- select quantity
Fishing Rod Hangers (FRH1) - (FRH2)
Brick Grip Fishing Rod Holder
This is a great set of hangers to store all your fishing rods. Another very popular product from Brick Grip. Sold as a Single Fishing Rod set OR
Triple fishing Rod set.
Both types are powder coated black and have a screw hole so they can be attached to no-brick walls.
Price $10 per single rod pack - select quantity
Price $25 per triple rod pack - select quantity
Horizontal Hanger (HH1)
Horizontal Wall Hangers
Our Horizontal Hangers are useful for hanging Christmas decorations and can be used in pairs to hang banners. Zinc coated steel material ensures durability. Sold as a pair.
Price $8 per pair- select quantity

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