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Patent # 752963
A self-locking bracket
Frequently Asked Questions Patent # 753259
A push-lock bracket

Q  What size brick do the hangers fit?
A  Both hanger designs are made to fit a standard Australian brick of approximately 75 mms or approximately 3 inches. However the designs allow for a small variation in brick size of approximately 2 mms,( 1/8 of an inch) larger or smaller, (a total adjustment of approximately 4mms or 1/4 of an inch). If your bricks fall within these margins then Brick Grips hangers should work for you.
Q  What weight will the hangers hold?
A  Individual hangers have different functions and different weight capacities. The Plant Hanger is rated for 5 kilos or approx.10 1/2 lbs.
The hangers using the push lock principle can hold more weight. The Brick Hook and The Surfboard Hangers can hold up to 10 kilos or approx.24lbs. The other hangers using this design rate 5 kilos or 10 1/2 lbs.
Q  What is the finish and how long will they last?
A  The Plant Hanger is anodized steel and very durable. Our other hangers are made from Zinc Coated Steel, supposedly rust proof, but experience has shown that you can get some surface oxidization, especially near the ocean.
Q  Where can you buy Brick Grip Hangers?
A  Presently Brick Grip Hangers are only available on line, but we will soon be actively looking for Retail Sales Outlets. When this occurs we will post the Retails names and particulars on this site.
Q  Who buys your product?
A  From present experience our major market seems to be women, the elderly and renters or tenants. For a variety of reasons these groups take the most advantage of Brick Grips advantages of:- no tools, no screws or plugs, no expertise, no mess and easily removed or relocated. Also Brick Grip is an environmentally positive product as it requires no energy for installation or removal.
Q What causes your Plant Hanger to attach securely?
A There are serrated grooves on the hanging arm, and the edge of the locking arm slots into them, creating a vice-like grip.
Q I'd like to buy two plant hangers to make a shelf. How wide can the shelf be?
A The shelf can be up to 10 cm wide.
Q Do Brick Grip Hangers attach to all brick walls.
A Brick Grip Hangers require a raked ( recessed ) mortar joint for best use. However, some customers with non-raked joints still use our hangers, simply by removing a little mortar where they want to hang their item. Though not ideal it's still preferable to drilling etc.
Q What is the minimum order amount.
A You must purchase a minimum of $20 Aus excluding postage and handling.
Q What are the postage and handling costs.
A At present we only post in Australia and the costs are as follows:
$20-$39.99: $8
$40-$99.99: $13
$100 and over: Free
Q What are your accepted Methods of Payment
A Australia Only:-
Direct Deposit. Please Email for details.
Money Order or Cheque. ( Hangers will be sent when Cheque clears)
Credit Card/PayPal through the Brick Grip Shop.
Q Do you ship overseas?
A Yes, but please Email for shipping costs. Sometimes the shipping costs can be more than the item cost.

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